After spending months planning for your wedding, touring venues, and sampling treats the last thing you want to do is more planning. However, selecting thoughtful wedding favors for your guests that they will actually use is a classy move you don’t want to forego. If you’re looking for some unique favor ideas that you can customize for your children and adult guests at your wedding we’ve got you covered. Continue reading to discover some of our favorite gift ideas and recommendations for your event.

personalized wedding favors cocktail bombs 1. Drink Bombs

Drink bombs, also known as cocktail bombs, are a fun option that can be customized for both adult and youth guests. While they don’t contain alcohol the adult version can be dropped into a glass of ice with your favorite liquor and a splash of sparkling water for a professional-tasting DIY cocktail. We recommend premium cocktail mixers by My Drink Bomb, a locally owned, woman-owned company.

Bomb Squad products by My Drink Bomb are made just for children and include many fun flavor combinations for special occasions like Birthday Bombs for birthday parties and sugary Vita Bombs to give their immune systems a flavorful boost.

Other popular children’s craft drinks include Watermelon Bombs, Punch Berry Bombs, Sour Apple Bombs, and Bubble Gum bombs. My Drink Bomb even has a Space Bomb drink mixer that would be perfect for a kids’ space or astronaut-themed party!

2. Custom Drink Coasters

Have wooden or cork coasters made with the bride and groom’s first names and the date of the wedding. You can have the information added to them by engraving, painting, or having them digitally applied to a high gloss overlay.

Create a custom design or two using your favorite engagement or wedding photo, your names, and the wedding date. These favors will be a durable yet functional memento your guests will cherish and actually use.

3. Reusable Shopping Bags or Totes

Design reusable tote bags using the bride and groom’s initials stylized like the font of a square logo. Choose from linen, cotton, vinyl, burlap, canvas, or whatever material you prefer. Choose to have the bags screen printed, monogrammed, or digitally printed with the wedding details and a photo or drawing of the newly weds.

4. Dried Soup or Cookie Mix in a Mason Jar

What better way to thank your guests for making the trip to attend your wedding than offering a comforting soup starter they can enjoy when they return home from their trip.

Try to include one or both of the bride and groom’s favorites and/or create a simple noodle soup for the children and a more adventurous soup starter like coconut lentil curry soup for the mature palates.

You can wrap the top with a burlap square and tie it in place with twine, print custom stickers with directions for cooking, or all of the above.

Other Party Favor Ideas

Try to change things up for your most coveted guests by offering unique gifts just for parents of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. For example, custom engraved soap, lotion, and toiletries for the mothers and fathers who came from out of town. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and enjoy them during their stay.

cookie mix in a jar for party favors Drink bombs can also be custom labeled or engraved with the first names of each bridesmaid and groomsmen. Alternatively, you can create a bag or basket with personalized care items for each including natural soaps, bath bombs, lotions, and lip balms.

If you’re thinking about making personalized soup jars, try customizing them to include recipes you think they will really enjoy. For children consider including dry cookie mix in a jar to appeal to their sugar-loving palates.

Personal touches go a long way when it comes to showing guests your appreciation. Just remember, party favors don’t have to be expensive to be a hit. That’s why handmade, well thought out gifts your guests will actually use are best.

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