We hope everyone is staying safe after that crazy storm last night. Please don’t try to DIY downed and storm damaged trees and branches. If you didn’t already know, we also own Cody’s Tree Service, Inc. Cody Geiman is an ISA certified Arborist (TX-3361A) and his son Landon is an Arborist in training. It takes several years to become a certified Arborist and it is a dangerous occupation. Please don’t go out and buy a chainsaw, you will get hurt. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help or to request emergency tree service and storm cleanup. Now on to the fun weekend stuff!

Barbecue this Weekend with Daddy Duncan’s BBQ at Turquoise Acres Ranch

Daddy Duncan’s BBQ food truck will be at Turquoise Acres Ranch again this Saturday and Sunday from 1-5pm or until they run out of barbecue. Bring the whole family out to enjoy some much needed outdoor time. You can picnic under the shade or our large oak trees and enjoy some delicious baby back ribs, brisket, smoked turkey, BBQ street corn, BBQ mac and cheese and more. Browse the full menu below.

You can also purchase a bucket of animal feed for just $10 and hand feed our animals! We have longhorns, cows, goats, donkeys, pigs, chickens, etc. We also have an adorable baby brahma calf named marshmallow who you can book a cuddle session with. She loves a good snuggle and cow cuddling is said to evoke therapeutic effects.

See you this weekend at Turquoise Acres Ranch in Katy, Texas!

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